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January 20, 2011


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CD ,at the bowl, without equipment......? Oh surprise! I thought he was modeling for Hot Sails Maui,in a very chimp like, natural setting.Glad to see someone on it at home. JH

Wait...what? There are many good reasons to miss a sesh...yoga? Is there a coital investment here?
p.s. I assumed when you stated Beck was your #4 that it was "Blue Wind" Beck, not "2 turntables and a microphone" Beck.

A what? Rotorhead, my portfolio is none of your business!

The actual timeline has the missed wave session taking place Tuesday day, and the yoga class taking place Wednesday night. I would not skip watertime for yoga, though I will be writing a "Yoga and Windsurfing" post sometime in the next month or so. Peconic Jeff can tell you about Mountain Pose and paddling a SUP board...

I was on the North Fork - I don't know about 45 degrees, maybe 40. Man it was nasty -rainy cold, shitty, crappy, I wish I went to. Work got the best of me.

...and Of course I meant Jeff Beck!

glad you guys had agood sesh;but there really is no good reason to miss a bowl day especially@45 degrees in jan. not that windy here,5.5-5.8,6ft faces,down the line rippin'and 82 degrees it's lonely being the only windsurfer out! thanks to jeff for 4 sweet butts

It was fun watching the Chimps sail on that "balmy" day, sometimes ya just gotta say no....conditions were good not great but the chimps made the best of what the storm had to offer, I opt for riding the powder this time of year, been chest deep at my place, the storms that have been bringing you guys in PR the waves have covered the Whites in NH with tons of fresh powder, gotta get off again later this week, its all about the carve.... liquid or frozen, waist deep or overhead, we all get off like wet dogs, keep the stoke! Hey John, nice butt cheeks!

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