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February 11, 2011


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if I had the money i would buy it just to try it :).


uhh whats that in u.s. dollars?

It's intriguing that it apparently allows planing with a 7.5 in sub 10-knot conditions where one would normally need a big-ass 12.0 and formula board to plane. BTW, if you buy one of these and blog about it you'll be my hero forever. :)

Want to add to cart. ALthough I'd undoubtedly drive it up on a shallow coral head anyway. Looks fun though! Would love to take one offshore and surf some open-ocean swells like the foil guys on Maui!

According to Google, Mille's price is $7,976.21. Pricey. Perhaps that price is for three of them?

Really cool board. Looks like the foil was designed by some CFD (computational fluid dynamics - my favorite thing in the whole world)nuts. btw, I really the theremin sound effects at the beginning of the vid.

I would really like to try one of these boards.

You can buy the AHD foil board from www.windsurfdeal.com in California. Its well Balanced and sails in 7 knots


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