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July 08, 2013


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Hahaha - sounds pretty familiar :) Good on 'ya, Sally!!

Woohoo Sally!! Add a little time on butter-smooth flatwater and she'll have those jibes nailed down in no time. Come by the sandbar next time the thermal is working: http://youtu.be/0jCx9L3r9EA

hats off to
sally!we need more women getting stoked for windsurfing...come to think about it we need more guys to get stoked also,even ones who still sail once in awhile.

All praise to your stoke, Lord Scotworth! And Sally's. Me I'm ready for an ocean sesh, and do not understand why we don't sail the Atlantic on Southerlies. I need it bad!

Michael: Count your blessings, she could be a resentful Muggle (non-windsurfer). My lovely wife is exactly the same as yours, and I love it! She's the one who convinced me to start windsurfing, I didn't want to: "Aw, I've been surfing for 20 years, I'll just get bored with it in two weeks" That was 23 years ago, and we're both still as stoked as ever!

good stuff. how does the windspeed compare to heck when it's SW Michael?

still wish my man had listened to me and gotten out there earlier.

the wife

Sally: You are right!

K-Dog: Depends on how the southerly is setting up. Heckscher is probably windier more often than not. And when Mecox is windier, Napeague is REALLY windier!

Lucky you! Time to bring her to Maui! :-)

In deed we were lucky;anchored theboat and took a reading;18-21 and building.Iquickly rigged a 9 meter and surfboard hit the flats-18 inches of water and butter smooth,asthe wind built I decided to chance the 8 knot current and sail out the inlet and get some waves-knee to chest and lumpy but fun and powered;a great afternoon in the 90 degree heat,then off to the VanderDome for a nitecap! peace BB

Oohh what a lucky man, he was.

Here I sit, reading and wouldn't you know it, I'm smiling like a cheshire cat...so great to hear.

Phil she's still at it. Sunday morning she asked about the forecast...I told her we wouldn't be sailing. "North 5-10" I said. "Let me see" she responded. Now I'm not to be trusted when I say there's no chance of sailing. Perhaps she can find good news where I can't. I'm not COMMITTED enough! She's bitten.

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