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December 07, 2006


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Peconic Puffin!

I'd like to thank you for featuring my video I filmed along the Turnagain Arm here in Alaska. I was out looking for a story and could not have met a better bunch of guys! - Unexpected fun is what it was!

If anyone here comes to Alaska, plan on doing some windsurfing, contact me! I'd love to tell your story on the Alaska Podshow.

Cheers and thanks again for this site! Good reading (..and I'm not even a windsurfer YET)


Hi Scott,

You're welcome, thanks for the kind words etc. Let's talk about "and I'm not even a windsurfer YET." Windsurfing is a lot more satisfying to do than to watch, and as you've already noted, its a sport that attracts good people.

If you shoot any more Turnagain windsurfing, let the Puffin know and we'll feature it. Enjoy the holidays!

I have lived in Alaska for 17 years and have been dying to learn how to wind surf, especially after watching folks along the Arm for so many years. I live in Homer and would like to try this down off Montague, too. For someone who has never windsurfed, do you have any ideas on how I pick it up, other than going Outside? Does anyone teach "virgins" in ANC or on the Peninsula?

Alison, I've reached out to some people who know a lot of instructors to see if they know of instruction in Alaska. Otherwise I'd recommend approaching some of the Turnagain windsurfers and asking them for a recommendation. Perhaps some of them teach. You should definately pursue some sort of coaching or instruction, even if informal. The sport is very hard to learn by yourself.

my uncle is also a windsurfer this video will become his favourite one


Jack Darson

Addiction Recovery Alaska
Addiction Recovery Alaska

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