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December 08, 2006


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I have just opened your amazing mag. I have perused about 25% of the provided material and my jaw is still paralzed, stuck in the open position.

The PP is extraordinary and in one place you have it all: THE WOW, THE WHOA AND THE WAY.


Former WindMeat

Hi Michael,

Really nice job with the map although I couldn't load it with Safari 1.0.3. It worked fine with Firefox. By the way, it's Crab Meadow Beach, not Crab Money. Although with the right tide and NE winds, you're really sailing "in the money"!

Doh! Crab Meadow is now fixed. The map loads for me on Safari (I have 1.3.1). Thanks again for the info!

sailing at shirles brookhaven park is great for flat water sailing in due north to due south winds on a north to west wind you can sail over to the flats off fire island and really do speed runs directions william floyd pkwy south make rt at 1rst traffic light past the 7-11 go to end make left


Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


I live in commack and am looking to try a windsurfing lesson
I have no experience
please contact
[email protected]

Dear all,
great website. I used to surf a lot but for a few years I stopped. I want to start again. What is the best location for renting in Long Island, with flat waters and easy winds ? But I need to rent the surfing equipment.

Thank you.

Hello Vasiliki,

For equipment rental contact Windsurfing Hamptons at (631) 283-9463. There are a number of good flatwater spots on Long Island...the most convenient will depend on where you're located. In the Peconic area Napeague and Mecox are the best choices.

Does anyone know of any good windsurfing location in Mamaroneck, Larchmont, Rye, etc? I recently moved to Westchester. Thanks.

You might try joining the Yahoo Hudson River Windsurfers' Group. Perhaps we'll hear from some other Westchester sailors...the only two I know sail Long Island and the Hudson.

I am new to the NY area, and coming from Jacksonville, FL.
How is windsurfing in Long Island, wind speed, water temperatures, dead periods?

Thank you.

This blog chronicles the last two years of my own windsurfing on Long Island, which should give you a basic idea. Windsurfing on Long Island is very good, though we don't have very predictable conditions. Spring and Fall are windiest (winter is good as well, though the temperatures mean a drysuit is an absolute neccessity.) Summer is lightest. August can be "dead". July and August can be sailed in a bathing suit, but wetsuits are necessary for the rest of the year.

We get any and all windspeeds. If I was going to own three sails, I'd have (at 165 lbs) a 6.2, a 5.5, and a 4.7. I own sails up to 7.0 (some people go larger) and down to 3.4.

For information on Long Island windsurfing I recommend three primary sources: The Yahoo Long Island Windsurfing Forum, which is a message board community of many of Long Island's windsurfers (and a great place to ask questions), Windsurfing Hamptons, which is the main windsurfing shop on the island (a great shop with a very helpful owner named Jon Ford) and last (and least) this blog, though there are other Long Island windsurfing blogs (Windsurfing the East End and Drysuit 2).

Welcome to the area! We're in prime sailing season right now.

I would like to give my wife the gift of beginner windsurfing lessons. We live in Shoreham, NY. Can anyone suggest a good place for lessons and rentals? Thanks. TG

Todd, give Windsurfing Hamptons a call. They'll know who the nearest instructor to you is. In terms of equipment rentals I don't know what's available on the north shore...it's possible that instructors up there will have beginner rigs to use during lessons.

Great launch map. Is there any link to view the map full page, and not embedded within your page? I'm hoping to use the map on my phone as I look for these launches. I'm new to the area, and joined the yahoo windsurfing group so I can track where everyone goes because I'd rather not sail alone. I'm hoping to get out on the ocean soon one weekend. Please let me know if there is a direct link to view the map bigger. Thanks and great website.
[email protected]

Just had a great day at Bellport, I found a good launch with some sand to rig properly, at the end of south howells point road.
enter that in your GPS:
Lat 40 44 32 N
Long 72 57 01 w


Fred, it's added (now listed as "Bellport II"). Note that when I entered your GPS numbers I found myself a few miles out to sea. However searching for the end of South Howells Point Road worked just fine. Thanks for the addition!

Just set this forum via google. Glad to join you. I came here to learn your lingo . thanks all.

Nice meeting you Mike, thanks for your advice!!! see u soon man!!!!


And you, Andres...see you on the water!

Can you give a bit more information about Mecox Bay sailing? I know you posted the other on the Yahoo group about it, but it seems that I deleted your post.
Info. about parking, max. fin size, etc.
I don't want to jinx it, but possibly some SW on Wednesday? We'll see.
Thank you.

Hi Dennis,

There are two main launches at Mecox. "The Yacht Club" is a simple boat launch ramp at the end of the road, with a small grassy area to one side on which you can rig. It works SE, S, SW,and W. Mecox is an enclosed bay...no tides, and it's depth depends on how much rain there's been and when the last time it was "cut" and drained into the ocean (at "the Cut". Most of the bay is 4-7 feet deep, and it sails as flat water. On long runs (when it's blowing SW) as you approach the ocean barrier beach on the far side it gets shallow, but you'll see it well in advance. Most important thing to look for way down there is the occasional crab trap. So in summation, any fin size will work...I used to sail my 8.8 with a 56 cm sword there no problem.
It's rare that there are more than one or two vehicles parked there, though I've seen eight.

Can't find it on your website . . . can anyone tell me if there is a parking or launching fee at CIB Bayville LI? Also are there bathrooms there and do they permit dogs on the beach?

Previous comment about access/fees/bathrooms at Bayville, but this would be great information to post on your site for ALL the sailing sites you list . . . . so those of us who are new to the area could find our way around. Sorry if it's already on the site and I just missed it and thanks for this most helpful forum!!!

Hi Blake! For up to the minute info on specific locations I suggest you join the Long Island Yahoo Windsurfers Group. When folks send me information I add it to the map, but there's no way I have the time to update it for the info you're asking.


Originally from Puerto Rico and been in NYC for quite some years. Now really want to get back into windsurfing. Anyone near the city? Need a primer regarding the windsurfing scene around here.



Pablo, finding the map is a good start! Now join the Yahoo Long Island Windsurfing Group to find where people are windsurfing.

Welcome back!

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