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January 28, 2007


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Gin Su Fin star Dee Imbert wrote the Peconic Puffin about the post. She wrote:


I loved working on Ginsu Fin, I had a small part in"The search for one eyed Jimmy'
I have starred in Ghost Stories and currently in a movie being filmed "For The Want Of A Nail.
I am also working on two other films and can be seen in many print ads!
I am going to windsurf again one of these days! My husband is an awesome windsurfer and my 7 year old daughter is learning!


The site looks great!! Oh btw I have just completed a movie called" For The Want Of A Nail" Visionfest 07, Tribeca Cinema, I will keep you posted!
I will never Rig the way you Rig!!!! Maybe never!

(So says the namer of the Puffin column The Rigorous Rigger. You don't have to, Dee...if you want to go sailing, Boulos will rig for you! -the editors)

Everyone come to Visionfest in Sept07
Come see "For The Want Of A Nail"
Dee Imbert Eloise Harris
Directed by, Frank Lewallen

Bruce Brody is doing the score for "The Want Of A Nail"
Yes! He scored the film "Diner'
For The Want Of A nail"
Director:Frank Lewallen
Starring, Dee Imbert
Eloise Harris

stumbled onto this... dunno what kinda mushrooms r being sliced here... but i once sliced clean thru --- i said Clean Thru -- a sail & carbon mast with a no-name fin mounted on the back of an f2 intelli-graphix comet slalom, about ΒΌ mile into pamlico off n.albacore in avon. just comin out of a powered-up jibe (rarity for me) into bright setting sun, and i'm here ta tell ya that i had the freakin hammer Down.... never Ever saw it coming! -- sounded like an M80 goin off on the 4th of july. and, yeah, *fully-&-totally* my dang fault fer bein an asshole & not lookin wa-ay more carefully! overwhelming mortification & scared sh*tless dont begin to describe it -- in the who's-shook-up-the-worst category, it was neck-and-neck between me & the poor soul whose rig it was floating helplessly mere yards away. profuse apologies ensued from my side as we both limped back to shore, returned his rented rig to windsurfing hatteras up by island creek, and i paid The Man whatever he asked for, with Zero questions and yet more profuse apologies. had nightmares abt that one fer weeks afterwards.

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