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March 21, 2007


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I am totally plugging my movie now! come to Visionfest this Sept 19-23
For The Want Of A Nail" Starring Dee Imbert, Eloise Harris, Directed by, Frank Lewallen

Thanks Michael for your great site!
Maybe you can write about the kite surfers taking over Lazy Point, we need to see more windsurfers out there!

This is a comment regarding Dee's comment of July 20:

I agree with the kiters taking over Lazy Point. What's up with that? I'm all for sharing the water but the last time I was out at Napeague the only safe place to sail was on the other side in Gardiner's Bay. The kiters seem to think it's really cool to aim right at you and then get all angst-ridden when you don't back down(can anyone say "starboard"?).

Someone needs to teach them some manners or get them back in their own area.

What a drag...it sounds like a Napeague report is needed! I typically avoid Napeague betwixt Memorial and Labor Days because of the traffic/parking. Dee, I'll discuss a visit with Boulos and perhaps we can sort things out.

was reading your downhaul easier piece, nothing more than FOIL from algebra. first outside inside last. I am liking the spectra, but cuz of the lower friction, a bit harder to bite while rigging (less friction on the sheaves) and holding on. so an extra foot of line is useful. I still use my bare hands in stage 1, running thru the sheaves and then the boom, then tighten, then stage 2 tie a bowline and pull w my harness bar

K-Dog, could we amend it to FOTIML? First outside, then inside, middle last? Doesn't roll off the tongue though. Besides, once the outside and inside sheaves are used, using the middle one is obvious.

Spectra/Formuline/whatever it's called...is the best bang for the buck in windsurfing. Rigging is so much easier for $1-2 more per downhaul line (lines that last longer!)

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