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April 02, 2007


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Its a brilliant tool! My husband is a sailmaker and uses it all the time - but if your life in general is centred around anything to do with sailing then its one of those must haves cos it makes life so much easier than making a messy cut with a blunt knife or scissors and then looking for a light of some sort to burn the end etc etc. Let them laugh........but once they have used it they will all be running out to get one themselves!

"I'm packing heat."

That would have to be the funniest, cleverest thing I've read all week! :-)

I carry a small blowtorch (think creme brulee-size) in my tool box - comes in handy all the time not just for melting rope ends, but also for starting bbq's... For cutting rope, though - if you don't have the soldering iron/cutting tool, one way to get a clean cut is to tape the rope, then cut through the tape (at an angle), then melt the end. Not quite as neat, but then you don't need to worry about finding electricity as you're at the beach.

Good suggestion, Andreas (g-42)! I've done that in times of need myself on harness lines. Re the heat gun, I don't drive around with it (though I could...I have an inverter in the van),..what I do is drive around with 3-4 precut downhauls and outhauls, so if I need one I have it. But the tape technique works well...I'd forgotten it. Thanks!

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