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April 19, 2007


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Hmmm.........Sea Panther/YES Board??? Don't think its anything to do with Windglider, Tencate.Mistral or Hi-Fly. Could be a.........aargghh......trying to remember the name.............Sodim! Not Sod Him but Sodim!

Blue Marlin?

that is a blue marlin early 80,s is it a division 2 hull

A sailor using the handle Greenleader has countered thus from Australia:

"it's a sunsurfer.
i sold quite a lot of them.
thai built early eighties, knob on the nose.
performed ok, spongy rig, if thats the last one, burn it now."

Further conversation suggests that this board was sold under different names in different countries. Certainly the blue beast has a knobby nose! GreenLeader adds:
" anyway puffness,

"...they produced two boards in the early eighties, one was a modified flog mould of a mistral competition and the other was a modified flog mould of a windglider sport which was the little brother to the olympic model. they (the asian copiers) filled in deck concaves to avoid copying too closely and that is the board you have. (sucked in) enjoy this forgettable piece of history and please don't ever locate a board called the "stip holiday" from holland."

I will get Steve to produce the board so that we might take some more photos, and do a praise singing post for Greenleader and Ron Malmgren. Jon Ford also had it, but he gets more than enough praise in the Puffin as it is.


I am amazed and pleased. The heavy blue clunker now has a pedigree. I can now sleep at night (but not duck jibe by day).

Steve M.

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