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April 21, 2007


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Awesome board.

sidenote: Most sailors have a low regard of
Reid. He's sponged money for years from donations.

I don't know the back story, Joe, but most of the crowd going after him at Sailing Anarchy (I site I increasingly enjoy) sound like a bunch of haters in that thread.

Regardless, thanks for the heads up.

I've actually been watching Reid's preparations for a long time as he's had the Anne at the barge where I kept my kayaks for so many years.

I've heard about the naysayers, and I could have done many, many, many naysaying posts myself. But I also believe that all those years, he was genuinely & sincerely trying to make this impractical, far-fetched dream a reality.

I'm not a fan of the kind of new-age foofery that surrounds the whole effort - but underneath all the spiritual frills, I think there's always been a very solid commitment that kept Reid going & finally sent them off to sea on Saturday.

Sit me down & give me a couple of Balvenie's and I will question all sorts of things about this trip - but Reid's integrity isn't going to be anywhere on the laundry list.

I will have to go check out the Sailing Anarchy conversation. Always fun watching people get snarky.

Just finished looking through.

That's beyond entertainingly snarky.

Thank god for Sailor CFN & a couple other voices of reason.

This is like all those people on the sea kayak forums who spat all over Andrew McAuley after he disappeared trying to cross the Tasman Sea. Yeah, you can tell somebody's a real expert boater and manly man by the way they semianonymously disparage a dead guy.


Without the odd crazed dreamer, we'd still be up in the trees.

Of course one might argue that that might not have been the worst thing in the world...

Oh well. Whatevahs. I'm just a little surprised at the level of hatred one sailing artist type with a nutty dream that he's been chasing after for 20 years can generate among a bunch of people who don't stand to lose any skin off their respective noses no matter how things work out.

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