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April 02, 2007


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That's what I call lift! It's almost like he caught a thermal.

That reminds me of Robby Naish's huge jump in "RIP" (about 24-25 minutes in). Of course, the slo-mo adds to the effect in both cases.

Michael, I'm going to try and join you for these winds later this week. I'll send you an e-mail.

Joe, it indeed looks like an updraft...he seems to accellerate midway through the climb.

Jeff, let's sail together! I'll lend you a boom if your new one isn't in yet... just remind me to toss the spare in the van.

That's Jonas Ceballos isn't it? He is known for big Pozo air.

It's Jonas in the photo (hence "Jonas Ceballos of Spain getting dream air at the World Cup wave event at Cabo Verde." I don't know who the guy is in the video.

I am not a particular hot jumper but one thing I have always commented on (and funnily enough my son passed a comment on exactly the same thing just a few days ago) is that I find I can get bigger jumps on waves that are just 2 or 3 feet high than on half mast etc. In my case its probably a case of being more at ease and so everything is better co-ordinated instead of spotting a a high wave and tensing myself up for a big jump and then normally disappointed that it wasnt as big as I hoped!!

I know what you mean...it's hard to stay relaxed when I have to look up to see the top of the ramp!

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