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April 27, 2007


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It's a tad bit out of the way for me to get to. Be sure to bring back plenty of booty.

Joe, you really should try to make it. I'm lots of fun at a swap meet Otherwise you'll have to read about it in the Puffin!
Are you selling or buying any windsurfing gear this Spring?

135 Carve Starboard for devilswimmer please.

Can someone give me the name(s) of places that offer windsurfing lessons? Preferably reachable by public transit from NY City.

Don, the two closest formal businesses that offer lessons year round are Windsurfing Hamptons in Southampton, and Extreme Windsurfing near Atlantic City, New Jersey. I'm not familiar with Extreme Windsurfing's particulars, but for Windsurfing Hamptons while you can take a train or bus out there, a car would still be necessary (you could arrange a cab, I suppose).
Every Spring and Fall ABK Boardsports comes through the east end of Long Island with a three day clinic...they return in September. Lastly (and a bit closer to the city) there are some guys who teach informally at Hecksher beach on Long Island. Check out the Yahoo Long Island Windsurfers Group and post in there that you're looking for lessons...someone might be able to help you out.

Just had a few lessons, looking for a used rig. Something sturdy and easy to learn on . Thanks- 917-833-2574

Hi Evan...I suggest you try calling Windsurfing Hamptons at (631) 283-9463. Ask if he has any suitable gear used (they maintain a decent amount of used gear on consignment.)

Hi - i have six guys ( two adults and 4 teen boys all very athetic ) -that would like to take a day next week ( tuesday 7-29 or Wednesday ) to get some windsurfing lessons. We live in cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get some beginner lessons for this group? Please advise. thanks ! Doug

Hi - where can I get a group lesson for 6 beginners for windsurfing next Tuesday 7-29 or wednesday... Please advise. Thanks!

Doug, as above I first recommend that you try calling Windsurfing Hamptons (631-283-9463) to see if they can set you up. You might also post a message in the Yahoo Long Island Windsurfing Forum.

how much you want for the start

Rei, this swap meet was two years ago. Another will take place in May of this year. You can call Hampton Watersports at 631 283-9463 and ask if they will have any Starts. Good luck!

Hey - Does someone have advice on where a novice can windsurf without annoying the regulars and the experts? Someplace not too far from Robert Moses Beach. I live in Long Island City and would like to start windsurfing again after 16 years.

Ann, you should look into Heckscher State Park. It's a large sailing area with a friendly crowd, and there's room for everyone.

May I suggest you join the "Yahoo Long Island Windsurfers Forum"? It's a great resource for finding windsurfers near you and local knowledge all over Long Island. Here's a link

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