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May 12, 2007


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It's no wonder I waited 20 years to take up the sport.
That "Thing/flying wedge" inventor should be credited for designing the first formula board.

Hey, thanks for the laughs. Remember the footage of a bunch of guys in Hawaii sailing doors? Wish I could find that somewhere to show to the next person I hear bitching about how their stuff is just not quite right...

Those early days were awesome, among other things because nobody back then knew that what they were doing was impossible.

Great stuff! Reminds me of the 'good ol days' when we were experimenting with all sorts of stuff. Also with sails....some ridiculous, others had some basic ideas which are kind of being put to use now. As for the 'door' - I remember seeing videos and pics of them trying to sail a door - infact I have it on a video we have somewhere. I call my sons Formula board ''the door'' cos its exactly what it looks like! But its alot faster than the original Hawaiin door! Lets see more of the stuff - brilliant.

Great stuff. Despite the sour comments from people who weren't there, those were great days. We didn't worry so much about the gear, just concentrated on loving the sport. And when you DID get into gear, you could build your own stuff and be right at the leading (bleeding???) edge.

G42, the footage of Mike Waltze sailing a door was on "Tradewinds", an Australian movie.

That was great!

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