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June 01, 2007


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I always used to sail a wave board whatever the conditions, but now the Frrestyle/wave boards are around they are a better choice. Much more versatile and extremely manouvrable in whatever conditions you use them in. Quite honestly, unless you live in a place like Maui where it is hard core wave sailing then the option of the Freestyle/Wave makes much more sense. But then thats just one opinion............every surfer/sailor will probably have a different opinion...............a bit like doctors!!

Yes, but what do you think about the gear Cabrinha is on? I love it!

-Wave boards will always perform better in waves than a freestyle/wave board. Most people on the mainland will use one board for waves and bump&jump conditions. Depending on your personal preferences and the ratio of waves vs. B&J sailing, a freestyle wave board makes a lot of sense for some people.
-I agree that people can sometimes get caught up in trying to "gear up" and become too fixated on what they are riding vs. attitude and how they are riding. (and blaming gear for poor performance) I've been sailing for over 25 years, so seeing pictures like the one of Cabrinha takes me back to the days of crappy gear. Windsurf gear has evolved tremendously since the late 70's and early 80's. So much so, that learning curves have improved quite a bit. However, everything is relative. Comparing Cabrinha's gear back then to today is a joke because of all the improvements. But one also needs to remember that he was most likely sailing the most advanced gear at that time. Though it may not look like it, this gear was cutting edge.

Anyway, great pic. I enjoy the blog--keep 'em coming!

Thanks for the links to the photos and what great entertainment they are to a Brit who is fairly new (2001) to windsurfing. When I see pictures like that I realise how spoilt I am with today's gear and how much I have NO EXCUSE for not carving wround every gybe!!
Really fascinating old videos on some of the corresponding links too.
I love your website - it keeps me sane at lunchtimes here in the UK!

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