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June 26, 2007


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Damn you! Longboards are my Achilles heal. :(

Longboards are wonderful, despite their size, and not being "radical" within windsurfing culture. And the Kona is so...pretty! I took one for a spin in Aruba (figuring in the great tale The Mystery of the Blue Ray) and loved it both planing and gliding. Surely you already have a decent longboard in your quiver of toys?

If not, you should get one. I should get one too (my Superlight is busted), but I need a new high-wind board more.

I have watched resurgence of the long boards with interest....call it a longing (ahem) if you will. I wasn't good enough at the time I owned a Mistral Pandera ( a 11' 6" mini-Equipe of sorts) to jibe with skill, but I do remember some glorious reaches. My feet in the farthest back straps, with a glorious and imperious prow slicing the Peconic afore me, the velvet rope of the nasty north-west Peconic chop layed low.

I remember your Pandera...named Pandejo (as you are another man who names his boards). The Pandejo was fun to sail, though as I recall it didn't turn so much as "come about"!

Give in to your lust! I did this spring, and I'm still loving the heck out of my Kona. It was only $925 new at Ride Hatteras.

PS- Your blog is awesome. Keep up the good work.

Yo es no amigo pero su nombre mui board a....PANDEJO. Ok...I did call the Pandera the Pandejo. I am not sure, pero, that is a not so nice name for a board....for an anything...adios su boardnamingitochica.

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