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June 14, 2007


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ok...have to ask...

ice cream headache? yes? no?

That brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Brain Freeze"

Very nice Steve and Michael, 1994, I was 5 and knowing me I probably put ice cream on my head, but then later took a bubble bath.

Michael I will see you on thursday for some windsurfing in the backyard
( providing the wind direction is good )


OK, you want the truth. Here goes: Michael decides that the local gull populace must go. He can't stand the endless dropping of shells on our roof, a practice that begins daily at 5 a.m. Flush with his recent victory over a cricket (a story for another day), he peals out of the house early one morning and runs pell mell at a group of gulls languishing on the beach and starts hurling some twisted anti-gull invectives at this group. "Gulls work for the man at Red Lobster", "Your mother slept with Pufffins", "You fly lie Penguins", "You dress lie Canaries", etc. Really hurtfull stuff. Not very PC. Suddenly, the flock takes to the air and demonstrates an extraordinary skill with target pooping. Ice-cream my ass. I happened to be in the area.
I spent hundreds$$ on shampoo and psychotherapy.
-Steve...an innocent victim and friend to all seagulls

Seagulls don't need any friends. May I remind you that the very same year we thought we had a burglar on the roof, but it was a seagull smashing conch shells? May I also remind you that the Great Black-Backed gull is a predator of puffins?

Bird poop bird shmoop, I say!

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