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July 03, 2007


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Looks like fun!

Nice video, but it would be better if you showed more of the transition between normal sailing and fin-first (like an extra 2 seconds or so). For my money that cut took out the most important bit (and the bit I have trouble with!)

Nebbian, I'll get the tape back from Jeff and show more of that. The technique is works like this:
1. Step forward so your front foot is in front of the mast.
2. Slide front hand forward on the boom until it's up against the mast.
3. Release clew hand.
4. Simultaneously bring back foot up to mast, and reach across the front of the boom to grab the boom on the "new" side like you're tacking.
5. Move your front foot (the one that's in front of the mast) towards the tail (it's now your "back" foot.)
6. Grab the boom with your new "back" hand, slide your new front hand back, and tilt the rig "forward" towards the footstraps.

I hope that's helpful until I can get a new edit for you.

Thanks Michael, I'll try it next time I'm out in sub-planing conditions :-)

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