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July 05, 2007


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Chop? What chop? Pork Chop? Chop suey?
I've seen chops at the butcher bigger than those chops. We have haystacks on the bay, and we all know that horses love hay. ; )

Joe, when it comes to chop, size isn't the only thing that matters!
Your cruel and heartless criticism of my chopless photo has driven my poor wife to ask me to take it down. I explained that as editor of the Peconic Puffin I must maintain journalistic integrity! She begged.

I am not a heartless man. So I have removed the photo. But it was still blowing 20 knots and the chop was hectic, spaced WAY too close together.

Would have liked to see you sailing in your Sunfish yesterday...

Hey, what happened to the photo? I'm not
cruel or heartless...unless you work for me, then I crack the whip. Please convey my apologies to your wife.

Repeat after me, "Force 5." They're
made in your neck of the woods.
Photo of a Sunfish and a Force 5 to appear
shortly on my blog.

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