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August 01, 2007


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> Here's a simple little old school move

I beg to differ LOL. I find it difficult to perform, not simple to me anyways.

I also find myself untidy actually - wind was too weak that day for a good, clean jump. It's not a lightwind move per se, 20km/h+ is desirable.

Thanks for linking me in!

I also posted another series of moves at "www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_s9sR9nxSQ"

Pierre, first of all let me say Bravo for rigging your very old gear and putting on such a show! As far as "simple" or not...it's working for me on my simulator...haven't had any wind to try the move live, though I'm hoping Saturday provides an opportunity.

We'll take a look at your other post as well! In the meantime check out this vintage clip of old school freestyle on a similar longboard. Enjoy!

Yeah mate, I knew of this video and those people. I was on Balmoral Beach (Sydney) in 1987, and this tourist asks me to borrow me rig, that was him!

With the back spin little move. He put me off 'coz he changed my booms, what an idiot, if you borrow, use it as is.

Anyways, I will post more of those freestyle moves. Not being on the ocean (waves), I have to keep busy somehow...

Am considering a basic forward, windward, rail ride tutorial.

Sydney rules!


Hmm...I thought this was shot in the San Francisco area. Regardless, looking forward to your next video!

Nice video! I don't know how you dig all this offbeat stuff up.

Hey guys, so here is the next one, on how to pull the rail ride.


for comments. Also for better quality (same clip):


(AH HA, see pictures of me and my daughter sailing there - 7 month-old).

This clip is where I should have started, riding the rail. Neither beginners, nor really difficult.

I'll post a thread in the NGs. As usual, some will be interested. Others will say "nobody does this kind of freestyle". I sort of agree, but at least 90% sailors don't seem to do nor try anything. I find that deplorable. At least sites like this and my Tubes try to promote something.

BTW, this board cost me $25 in a yard sale. Back in Sydney, I sail more wave-oriented gear, but hey, I'm having a ball.

Great web site here Mr. Peconicpuffin, keep the good work!

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