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October 20, 2007


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Now that looks better for a freestyle fin but not quite sure about the shape!

I tried a fin about that size in Bonaire but the winds lightened up right after I got on the water so I never really gave it good go. My first impression was- slippery, hard to get upwind but it works I think, and it is probably great for new style arials, of which I'm mostly a beginner. Maybe I won't feel like a beginner if I make a fin like this. Hope it works for you. Let us know how it sails.

Bunty, my fin shape is a pattern of Andy Brandt's (see the previous post) and he does brilliantly. Of course he is also an outstanding sailor. Andy told me that he things using gradually smaller fins is the way to approach tiny freestyle fins...don't jump to a tiny thing like I just did. Oops!

Scooper, I hope to have a report on the fin in a day or two. Unless the waves are good, in which case I'll be on different gear!

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