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October 28, 2007


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So did you catch today's big winds before getting on the road? We sailed 4.2 - 3.5 for hours this afternoon in Rodanthe! Woo hoo!

PS- I didn't realize that you actually had the head of a puffin. It must have been rough for you in school. ;)

You're very attractive............better not let my husband see a pic of you!OOHH!! That nose! Slightly Roman but has a'birdish' look about it too!

James, we drove through the night, returning to New York around 2AM Sunday. As per the new post we did catch the wind...but on Long Island, not the Outer Banks.
Were you in Hatteras too?

It was very hard for me in school. But I wore glasses then so at least the teachers thought I was smart.

Bunty, I'm glad you like the photo. What kind of beak does your husband have? You should see my wife...SHE is a real bird!

Dear friends of accuracy,

I did not produce the puffin head. It was created by an artist named Lisa L.

I did wear the puffin head in Providence (in Rhode Island, not in metaphysical land) for the Red Boal soap box derby.


Indeed I am a friend of accuracy, Steve. Hence I wrote "headgear via Steve" not "Headgear by Steve" etc. Via. By way of.

Meanwhile, well done Lisa!

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