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October 23, 2007


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Hmmm............well my household must be one of the rare ones where surf gear used to be part of the furniture! My husband actually built a surfboard in our hallway/living room - and I DIDN'T complain. I was far too interested in what he was doing to complain! I wanted to build one too!!

Oh re fin size..........my son wants them as small as they can possibly go. I have also nicked one of his small freestyle fins for my board..........works much better in stronger wind.

um... i actually have a surf board hanging on the wall of my apartment, too. of course first it's because of the tiny space we got in the city, but it also makes a kick-butt decoration, totally!

Ladies, ladies, let's be clear: In the above examples, the boards are not neatly displayed on a wall or otherwise built in...they're laying smack in the middle of the living room or blocking the windows. Men stuff. Men men men men men...

Trust me, if my apt in the city had a living room, the surf board would be right in the middle of it.... but we'll let you have your "men" stuff, in any case. you have "men" written all over it all right! :P

No Guys?? Just let me know when you ladies are ready for the girls only trip! ;)

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