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October 11, 2007


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Thats some good old footage on Youtube. Crikey do you remember the old wooden wishbones on the Tencates? And then the progress to using a small dagger board and taking it out and slinging it on your arm when going down wind. Then chopping off the back of the board to make it shorter and sticking a couple of footstraps on. It was really something in those days if you even managed to get the fin out of the water. Windsurfing has really gone places since then!

Wow, nice shot! Here's something similar from our own shores taken earlier this week: "A Ponquogue Wave shreds the Wolf"

Nice shot, Jeff. The Wolf keeps on ticking! Maybe we'll get back to Ponquogue this week.

WOOO! Loveitloveitloveit!

Reminds me of the windsurfer on the tow-in surfing clip I'd put in my "Boats Boaters Hate" post. You know what I just noticed, though? The guy appears to bail a moment before the wave eats his board - looks intentional. In the face of something like that, maybe it's better to try to go under the wave than be on your board when it all comes down?

And speaking of crashes thanks for the crash course video, which I will watch when I have a little time to enjoy it!

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