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November 25, 2007


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Awesome, thanks for the report... I'll be in Bonaire in January for a week. Glad to hear someone say straight up that the place is better for gear rentals... Which would you say is better for beginner lessons and such? Are they right next to each other (within 50 feet)?

Warm Winds

Catapulting Aaron

Hi Aaron,

For any lessons I'm a big fan of ABK, who have instructors in Bonaire year-round working at Jibe City. They also run five-day clinics there starting in mid January. In the last ten years I've taken over a dozen ABK clinics...I think they're outstanding. (Full disclosure: recently I have worked for ABK as an instructor.)

That being said, Elvis at Windsurf Place has an excellent reputation.

For a complete beginner I say it's a coin flip. If the student is going to windsurf in the United States and may be interested in furthering their windsurfing later with an ABK clinic, then I'd suggest Jibe City's ABK instructors. Of course they could mix and match as well. I would recommend either to you as well, to help with those catapults...perhaps you could get more distance?


Jibe City and Windsurf Place are about 50 yards apart.

Lastly, I want to repeat that I think Jibe City does a good job with gear rentals too, and I'm not saying that to be nice (for a one sided example, in Aruba Vela trounces Sailboard Vacations.)

I hope this helps. My only other major Bonaire tip is that I highly recommend Ann Phelan as a travel agent to arrange anything for a vacation in Bonaire. Here is a link to her website.

Have a great time!

Thanks Michael for allowing me the privilege of sending you away..if you and Sally want to pet sit/free vacation..I need someone the 10-22 May while I am in the US celebrating Mom's 85th, Mother's Day and Maggie's 16th B day..haaaaaaa! And check out this cool webcam, another work distraction but hey, what can I say?

Great you had a good trip. I could do with something like that to perk me up - right now tucked up in bed with raging fever, bad head, sinus............you name it. Feelng very sorry for myself and even sorrier cos day after tomorrow great forecast with waves in the bay. Dont think I will be in a state to go down somehow! Going to sleep to drown my sorrows!! (God I sound pathetic!)


(oh jeeze now I've got to go watch that video on how to jibe...)

Would appreciate input from experienced windsurfers. I spent a week in the OBX in summer 2007 and got hooked on windsurfing (even though I'm still a beginner). Have some time off and am thinking of going to Bonaire for Jun/July.

Seeking input as to (1) whether there's enough wind in Jun/Jul in Bonaire, or (2) are there better places for beginners to spend an extended period learning.

Any input appreciated! Thanks.

A Sharfi
(East coast - USA)

June and July may be particularly windy. As for better places to learn, Bonaire may be the best place in the world for a beginner. It is exceptionally beginner-friendly in terms of conditions and equipment.

I suggest you get in touch with Ann Phelan, who is a windsurfer and travel agent who specializes in Bonaire windsurfing vacations. She is exceptionally helpful and well worth your while to contact. Her email address is ann@bonairecaribbean.com and her website is www.bonairecaribbean.com

Have a great time!

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