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November 29, 2007


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Are the waves very 'dumpy' there? They tend to be like that here.
Re Horses Mouth: Although I would much much rather be out wave sailing any day I am pretty sure a skiff would be one hell of a buzz! Havent had the opportunity to go on one though my son has. I might just ask my friend to take me out on his some time. Then I can give you a first hand experience report! I'm basically just wasting time right now posting argumentative comments!!

Yikes! I don't like the look of those waves. I've seen too many boards break in water like that.

Joe, welcome to The Graveyard of the Atlantic. In days of old the inhabitants of the Outer Banks made their living by scavaging shipwrecks, which were never in short supply. The Monitor (of Monitor vs. Merrimack fame) went down there, as a matter of fact.

Great windsurfing, though.

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