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November 20, 2007


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Awesome, Jibe Ho!

Now I dont exactly think she had to 'twist your arm' to go to Bonaire!!! She is obviously one of us - 'the perfect wife'! We are quite a rare species in this world where (for some peculiar reason)men seem to dominate the windsurfing scene! Pass on the message please.........''Welcome to the Perfect Wife Club''!

You go girl! Where can I get one of those superhero wetsuits and how can I join the perfect wife club? ;)

Dear PWC (Bunty and Jill),

It is my pleasure to join this esteemed club! Back to the water...


P.S. Thanks Joe!

We have a good forecast for the next few days so after a few weeks having to keep on dry land I am going to venture back into the water and hopefully finally be able to sail my new wave board. Yaahhooo! Have fun guys - give it all you got!

what can I say but wow..Sally is my hero....

Hey, I would be a perfect wife too..still looking for that perfect windsurf hubby but YOU ARE ALL TAKEN..whine whine..

I can assure you there are loads of them out there just looking for someone like you............as I said we're a rare breed! The amount of times my husband was stuck on the beach looking after the kids cos I was still out windsurfing enjoying perfect conditions eagerly waiting for me to come back in so he could get his time out on the water! But then he's a perfect husband - and they're a rare breed too!

Woo-hoo, way to go Sally! I hope MIchael was able to catch you on video!

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