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December 17, 2007


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To answer your original question: no.

TBH, haven't tried it... but can't you find an indoor hobby? :)

Catapulting Aaron, I tell you this: It's still warmer than skiing (at least the way I skied!

Well I think you are **&*& crazy - but that must mean you are feeling better.

Michael, you're a better man (or crazier man) than I...either way...hats off to you and the rest of the LI crew who sailed. I pretty much follow the 100 degree rule myself....although we slightly broke it on Sunday....so maybe I have a 85-90 degree rule :-) Mac

Good for you, Mac! One thing...all kidding aside. When I go into cold water, I'm wearing a high quality 5/3 wetsuit with heavy boots, gloves, and hood (drysuit on order), I'm sailing with very good windsurfers who are all looking out for each other, and we're sailing locations close to shore where we think we can get out easily in the event of breakdown. We're having a lot of fun, but we're focused on not doing anything stupid.

All of that being said, rigging in slush was out there!

you're right about the safety considerations and not doing anything stupid. I've always been pretty careful to not get out in conditions beyond my abilities...and always looking out for the fellow sailors, vice versa. I wore a helmet on Sunday too. My thing is that I have trouble wearing gloves. I have cold weather sailing gloves and used them last April in OBX when it was very cold...but it makes me grip the boom more, thus wearing out my forearms. Guess it's still better than not sailing at all.

Glad you are observing some safety rules! Still think you're a *&*%&** moron going out in that stuff!

My old windsurfing club is located on 69 deg north! And even in the winter we where out sailing on nice days.

When the light i fading in november:

Sun is back, and it is a really nice day.

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