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December 03, 2007


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I'm speechless. So I suppose when someone says the winds too light to sail - show them this video clip!

That was freaking awesome!

He makes the sail look like it's alive, fluttering like a butterfly's wing. I hope you learned how to do all that while you were there.

This is how you too can be if you live, breathe and sleep windsurfing. I meet Oscar "Caesar" in 2001 and he is on the wate 24.7 much like Kiri..love this guy...

I love nonplaning freestyle. Anyone who wants to learn this who is in the U.S. or has access to Bonaire is encouraged by me to check out ABK Boardsports. They teach nonplaning freestyle, including these moves. Lead ABK instructor Andy Brandt came in second to Caesar in a classic freestyle competition in Bonaire earlier this year...in third was Brian Talma.

What a trip....

Fantastic! I'll bet I've watched it 10 times and each time is as entertaining as the very first. Great job and the background music sweetens the whole pie!

Lovely. I'll link it sooner or later on my blog...


It looks almost like my attempts at windsurfing (the sail falling over all the time), though for some reason mine goes splat into the water and his doesn't ;) That is a really really cool video!

btw. I've added your blog to www.sailr.com

Well, at least I can dream of being this good!!!

Robert, you will have your chance soon to try the sample the magic water...

Caesar must be the most video recorded guy on a board! This year I seen him take the sail off, turn it upside down and sail with the head of the sail on the board, Then ,,, hold the sail by the head and fly the sail while spining with it around the board!!!

Jim, I've got video of him doing just that. I'm saving it for a new video that is coming soon!

it's easy with a sail that always pops back up. ;-)

Yeah, that's it...he's got a trick sail!


It doesn't always pop up...through the miracle of editing I've removed the failed attempts. I like the bit around 42 seconds in where he gooses the sail back up using his toe underneath the mast.

it's hard to guess where the wind is coming from!! Really amazing!

What a legend! Does he planing windsurf?

Caesar does sail planing...he does some planing freestyle too. When a storm came through during our recent vacation down there, Caesar was one of the few people on the water as it blew 25+. He ripped. Given that when it's blowing enough to plane he's sailing alongside three of the top ten freestylers in the world (Kiri Thode, Tonky Frans and Taty Frans) he doesn't stand out quite as much, but he's quite capable.

> So I suppose when someone says the
> winds too light to sail - show them
> this video clip!

I've seen very many sailors who thought they were "too good" for the conditions, but never who really were. Many years ago, I was at a comp and my wife was surprised at how the top guns would go out even in low winds to try new, crazy stuff. (She thought I was alone...)

One can always try stuff and learn for when the wind picks up. This is the message behind this great video.

Well done whoever-that-is, and Michael too!

That's a great observation, Pierre. The best windsurfers (and the ones who are getting better fast) get out there whenever they can. They don't worry about falling...they focus on learning, experimenting, and of course having fun!

On Monday I'm releasing the sequel to this video...in addition to more of the amazing moves he does in the first video there's at least one move of his that I'd never seen before.

thanx 4 all the compliments.and yes its all about having fun.
ps. there is still more to come.

Hi Caesar! Great to hear from you...I hope you like the video...and I look forward to seeing you in action again sometime soon!

Yes!!! Gracias!!!

Thankyou for these awesome videos. Nice to see Caesar is dropping by and aware of our awe. It would be good to read about some of the basic techniques behind his practice.

BTW, what is the song in this one?

hey guys
i'm getting better at throwing the sail in the air and catching it again...the one i get the sail of the board and put it upside down,and then throw...when its been pretty windy the last weeks...so lightwind trick you dont see much now...i'm practising my high wind tricks now...they're coming allong pretty good...what do you guys think if i put a lightwind clinic ...my tricks...would you join?...hihi...let me know...this is my [email protected]

When he stands on the bottom of the mast and spins off the board, what's he standing on? I've tried it and there's not enough grip.

Richard, in that move (called a Matrix) you stand on the foot of the sail. It's a good move to try on a land simulator...in a light breeze it you can get it fairly quickly (on land). On the water you want a VERY stable board.
Anyhow it's the foot of the sail, not the mast, that he is standing on.

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