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December 06, 2007


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GET WELL SOON! Really sorry to hear you are laid up and in pain. You must be pretty badly bruised, and you're very lucky you didn't break any ribs. Take care of yourself now so you can get back onto the water asap.

Ouch! I hope you feel better soon and you don't have to miss too many good days. :)

Sorry to hear, too! A little Ibuprofen and you can sail again, for sure! It's happened to me too, a couple of times.

All the best,


Thanks for the good thoughts. I'm on ibuprofen (3 days later), but right now any change in body posture hurts (carrying a bag of groceries was tough, and getting into bed is a real challenge for some reason) I'm hoping that next week I'll be okay to sail.

Hope you're feeling better today. Drown yourself in those painkillers.

So sorry to hear about the body slam! I can feel myself tensing up just thinking about it. Hope you have a quick recovery.

Bruised ribs - been there, done that, and winced trying to put on the T-Shirt...

Good luck, and speedy recovery. Hope the people around you don't take perverse pleasure in making you laugh.

Ouch! Hope it does not take too long before you can get back in the straps. Rib injuries are rough...hard to wear a harness for a while. I had a similar rib injury during my 2004 kiteboarding stint, and now have a lasting "knot" on the damaged rib.

Today is a substantial improvement on yesterday (deep breaths are no longer scary, and getting out of bed was not a project.) Laughing hasn't come up as an issue, though sneezing hurts like hell. I think I'll be in sailing condition by next Tuesday*. I've got a great sports orthopod who distinguishes between types of pain:

Pain 1: You're feeling this because you're doing something you shouldn't. Stop that.

Pain 2: You're feeling this because you DID something you shouldn't, however if you don't mind the pain, go out and do whatever you please.

I've got Pain 2. Doc says "windsurf when you feel ready. The pain should be gone in 4-6 weeks."

Thanks for all the good thoughts and shared experiences!

*I may be dreaming.

Wait until it doesn't hurt anymore when you laugh/sneeze. And use a seat harness to go back sailing. I used it for a month last rib injury I had and I got so used that I almost didn't want to go back to the waiste one... well, not really.

That's a good suggestion, Giampaolo...it hadn't occurred to me that the waist harness could be uncomfortable. Bill mentioned that too.

Right now there's a forecast for good wind here next Wednesday...I'll keep my fingers crossed (and I'll find someone who can lend me a spair seat harness!)

are you fully recovered now?

Rachel, I'm feeling much improved, thanks! The important thing is that I can windsurf. Preposterously, sneezing remains a challenge. I've always found sneezing to be overrated...

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