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December 19, 2007


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I woulda been there if I didn't have a teeth cleaning appointment. My last couple of sessions at Sebonac have been high tide, so a super-low blowout tide would have been really sweet! Did you take any pictures?

I have a rule: 25 knots trumps anything short of surgery (and I saw the dentist on Tuesday.)

Unfortunately I did not take photos. We were all pretty much sailing together, and when I wrapped it up they did too.

Looks like the weather folk are guessing wind for Sunday...let be so.

Looks like another windy weekend forecast for the OBX?! 70 degree air temps and strong S winds on Sunday?!
Now that would be the way to finish off the year down here!

Tomorrow looks good. I posted to my crazy winter paddler friends asking if anybody wants to go - within 10 minutes had a yes and a maybe.

And if the weather holds, me & TQ will be paddling together on Wednesday. Our concept of a hot date!

2 possible paddles in the last week of December. Well, if it happens, I call that a good wrap-up for 2007 & a propitious beginning to the winter.

I feel sort of stupid leaving such a fluffy comment when the next post was so sad to read.

It's always good to hear from you, Bonnie. And life goes on.
You are one person I know who will take the cold water seriously! I think we first posted on each other's blogs talking about the dangers of hypothermia (more cheery stuff.)

Have a good weekend!

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