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January 14, 2008


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!!! What else can one say?

Amazing....absolutely amazing. Thanks for posting that. Mac

Thanks Michael. The bonaire kids are truly amazing. I'm headed to Bonaire in about 6 weeks, and this fuels the excitement.

Have a great time! The great thing about the Bonaire local sailors is that they give everyone a reason to go out on the water on "light" days...you'll never see the pros on the beach at Lac Bay unless they're taking a break.

Incredible. The most amazingly honed skills and unbelievable awareness of the effect of the wind on the sail in every conceivable angle.

I can't help thinking though: "HOW MUCH SPARE TIME DO YOU NEED TO DEVELOP SUCH SKILLS??!!!"

WOW! I love the moves where he throws down the sail and it comes back up perfectly. I've never seen that done so well before. I have to show this to my friends at work.

When it's blowing 25 knots does he just go out with a 4.0 and do the same stuff or is he a planing freestyle guru too?

He's a planing freestyler too...I had the privilege of being on the water with Caesar and the top Bonaire pros when a squall came through. He's good, but it's tough for even him to look great when three of the top ten freestylers in the world are on the water with him (and they were...Kiri Thode, Taty Frans and Tonky Frans.)

Hey Michael,

I just got back from Bonaire a couple days ago and was fortunate enough to meet Caeser and Tonky and several of the other guys. As a matter of fact, me and my crew signed up for night snorkeling and by chance it was with Caeser's girlfriend, so he came along. Super nice guy.

In any case, my ISP has been on the fritz since I got back, but I'll put up a full report on my blog when I get a chance...

Hey Michael, long time no chat. How about giving me a copy of these videos so I can put them on Ke Nalu (www.kenalu.com). I'm putting a post about them on Ponohouse with a link to Peconic, but that doesn't fit the format of Ke Nalu. full credit and a link of course.

again some really nice action, hope you don't mind if i put a little link to it :)

Damn, with all that good stuff, I wonder why we don't see more of it on our (non-Bonaire) beaches. It's as if people saw it as something to watch but not do.

Personally, all this inspires me to do it in low winds too, not that I needed the prop.

Dear guys,

if you like the oldschool stuff then hereĀ“s my site for you ;-)))))


Caesar has been a great source of inspiration for me and I'm sure many others as well. Light wind has been a huge part of my entire windsurfing career freestyle. For at least half of the year it never blows past 10knts where I live. I've been doing this kind of thing since day one. I'm no where near Caesar's level, but its great to see this aspect of the sport that I love so much getting so much hype! I feel it will really encourage people to get out on the water much more often:)

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