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January 17, 2008


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Ah, no wonder you're cranky!

Sailing plans for weekend yet?

I'm trying to figure out what day I want to paddle. Saturday might have snow. How's windsurfing in snow? Paddling in snow can be fantastic.

Windsurfing in snow is possible, and depending on the kind of snow it can look all sorts of ways. My favorite snow windsurfing memory is from a day when the flakes were the size of quarters...in 20mph winds the air looked like a fuzzy television screen (because of all the "white lines" running horizontally before me) and if you sailed behind someone, you could see the aerodynamic effects and vortexes their sail caused as the snow made the airflow visible.

I hope you have a good paddle!

Even though the x-ray didnt show up any breaks you could have a very slight hair line fracture. Ribs bruised... whatever... do take one hell of along time to heal.

2-3 months. I've got the same thing and I rely on painkillers. Diclac 75 is really good.

Thanks for the estimate, Marc. I'm coming up on two months shortly...I'm hoping to declare myself healed then, but I need a day on the water with decent ramps (or a sneezing fit) to judge.

I'm 61, physically active (bench 350 lbs), never have had anything like THIS! I have several broken thoracic ribs (left side). The pain meds help (and I have a very HIGH pain threshold). The only thing I can think of that caused this are forceful chiropractic adjustments (I STOPPED seeing him!)I'm coming up on 3 months, with slow progress. Have had 3 X-ray sessions and a CT scan. Next is nuclear medicine to check bone density. I realize I'm an old dude, but THIS is taking a LONG time!

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