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January 25, 2008


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I know what you mean. The weather has been sucking big time and I haven't been on the water at all this week. I get really cranky if I'm not an h2oJoe.

I do have these dreams all the time, especially when the weather has been this bad.
But spring time is next and that is great hope!


Great pic. Now on my desktop background.

Glad you like it, WIndseeker. Be sure to check out more of Jeff's work, and let him know that you like it!

WOW. That is a great picture. Think I may need to take sniffly self out to Coney Island if I'm feeling even a little better tommorow,just to look at the waves.

I don't know why it is but I don't dream much about anything except being at school, wearing a bathrobe, not knowing where any of my classes are, and then finally finding one just as the professor is halfway through the last lecture of the term, the final exam is next week and I'm doomed.

I do my best windsurfing while dreaming!

I often dream of windsurfing after a huge session. Two years ago I dreamed and felt the sensation of wave sailing after sailing in stronger then 3.5 conditions on a NE at East Beach ( just East of Beltaire- Port Jeff). I sailed with one of my mentors Jeff Usher. Jeff was jumping 3o feet in the air and I was just trying to survive the 10 foot waves. I have yet to see such big waves since then on the North shore. Anyway I dreamed of this session for two nights in a row and was totally stoked for three weeks. I love this sport!

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