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January 04, 2008


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Ponquogue will work on a wsw and a low tide. Good ramps and backside riding. A true sw and your sailing along the edge of the sandbar, more onshore and more difficult to get out - waves constantly coming from the side and you need to always be pinching upwind. WSW and low tide is always a good call. Sail powered, the current does run here. Good time yesterday!

Hey Pec. Need some advice. I am going to be visiting my cousin who lives in Michigan. We are going to drive down to Charleston in S. Carolina to visit her son. This will be first week of July. Do you know anything about if its possible to rent equipment there just incase we have a windy day?? Also what chance is there do you think of getting wind at that time and do you know anything about conditions? Sorry to pile you with questions. Maybe you have a good site for me to go on.

Bunty, I did some quick googling and came up with the Charleston Boardsailing/Kitesailing club. They have a bulletin board online but it's members only (there's a similar one for Long Island). I'm sure if you email the contact ( crnajet@yahoo.com ) someone will get back to you.

Thanks. I have registered on a Yahoo based bulletin board which I think is the same thing. If I don't get any feedback I will contact that email address. Thanks.

Wow they certainly reply quickly on that bulletin board! Literally within minutes I had replies. I think there won't be any chance of windsurfing - I thought it would have been quite cool to have been able to have done some in the US - expanding my list of destinations I have windsurfed in. If there is a bit of a breeze maybe some kind soul will let me just steal a couple of reaches on their equipment! Thanks for your help.

Where are the pics? You can't tease us like that...of course you can, it's your blog.

Are you still using the mast cam?

Joe, Most of the photos I run are taken by Peconic Jeff...Jeff arrived at this session late and the wind died before he could get much sailing in, much less take photos. Yet when I told him about your comment he quickly hit me with what he had (I'm amazed he took any!) I've added the single image...we all wish it was larger.

Ah, the mast cam. The original mast cam is sitting at the bottom of the Great Peconic off the South Jamesport launch...I had devised a mast mount that I thought wouldn't fall off, and I neglected to attach an emergency tether.

I've replaced the camera, but have yet to build a new mount. Maybe this week I'll get it done, or at least strap the thing onto the boom...some video would liven things up.

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