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January 18, 2008


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haha, if it looks like a seal, swims like a seal, barks like a seal... it must be a seal!

The Wolf will now have to produce the photographic evidence...

Sounds all rather mysterious. But considering the environmental changes in everything this world has to offer I suppose a seal could venture to your shores...........but having said that where are the closest seals to where you sail?

That's funny. I saw a seal sailing at Islip town beach in the great south bay last week. I think that was also a day that Jeff showed up. It poked it's head up out of the water for about 10 seconds before I got within 15 feet of it. Not only was this the first seal I've seen in the 15+ years sailing the bay, but I think it may have been the first living thing I've seen actually swimming in the bay.

Perhaps it's the same seal...a windsurfing aficionado (or Jeff aficionado!)

The seal was heading eastbound. I guess some sailors get groupies of all kinds.

I have been known as a friend of the seals in the past. Perhaps the word is spreading?

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