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February 25, 2008


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I broke a mast (rented equipment) out on the reef in Cabarete. I was fortunate enough to have done it right next to an instructor (on his day off!! Poor guy!). He really impressed me cos he took my rig and tied it to his back strap and sailed in (very slowly) dragging my rig. Poor guy took him about an hour to get in - but then the reef is about a km offshore. Me? Well I lay on the back of the board slowly kicking my way in to the beach and ended up way downwind ofcourse right next to kite beach (also known as Bozo Beach for Bozo's like me!) - it was only after that I realised what a prime piece of shark bait I was paddling in for about an hour!!
Like your art!Nicely done.

I like the wind chimes. That's a cool idea, nicely executed.

Thanks, Frank. I see you've launched a blog...outstanding! Now we have three Long Island windsurfing blogs...let the good times roll!

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