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February 28, 2008


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Count me in - that's the week I have a room in Mike's house. I may have a bunk for you if you come to cover the event. Brewster had previously said he was "absolutely interested" in a return to Hatteras, but he's not in yet. It should be a fun week - hopefully riding side-off waves in 60F water!

BTW, this weekend is looking good - Sunday was bumped up to 25-30 gust to 35 kts! The 20 windless-day drought finally ends!

I would love to see a "Behind the Music" for the Kooks of Hazard, it would be hilarious. I wonder where all those old surf bums are today? Maybe still in the OBX hammerin' shingles?

I plan on going to Windfest, maybe I can hold the camera for all you good-sailing-bloggers one day...

Man I'll be in Hatteras for probably about 49 weekends in 2008... and you guys pick the one weekend of my whole life that my brother chose to get married on!!! And he's not getting married in Hatteras! I don't have enough experience to be invited to the blogging round table anyway. Oh well, maybe next year for this newbie blogger!

BTW, that video rocks! (even after 100s of viewings)

Ouch Andy....you around at all that week of April 13th before the wedding weekend?

I'm looking forward to it...maybe I'll be the one taking all the pictures since you guys are getting way more sailing time in than me. I've got a lot of catching up to do on some of those moves you're pulling off.

Hey Mac, I'll be around the first half of the week, through Tuesday. Wednesday, I'm off to Jamaica!!! (don't worry about shop stuff, Brett will be around the whole week, as will the guys up front)!

Mike I'll be down In Hatteras April 5th through the 12th. I only booked it this week. {I was getting so jealous of all your Aruba posts}. That’s why I am up in Salvo vs. Avon. I haven’t taken a windsurfing vacation since 2003; so I need one. Will you be down as well?

Frank, right now my plans are to get to Hatteras at some point in April...I may not know when until a week before, though. We'll stay in touch. Maybe we'll sail together up here before!

Man, that wavesailing video kicks butt. I can't believe that's the OBX. BTW, I've reserved some camping cabins at Frisco Woods windfest for the VIMS Sail and Paddle Club, Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th. That's where I'll be staying, but I can drive to sail anywhere for the "summitt".

One way or another, I'm coming to Windfest with my ugly-nosed Samba. BTW, that video was bad-ass! Now, I've gotta watch part I.

Rocking a Samba at Windfest! Get those disco graphics flying across the Pamlico Sound and all will be right with the world.

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