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February 05, 2008


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Thanks again Mike for your Peconic Puffin Blog...inspiring and informative. Been on Snow 49 days and leaving tonight for 5 more at Windham. That wind dummy through the shore ice video made winter sailing on the Hudson look viable. Planning on dose of Andy II at Hatteras in early May. Thanks for your help at last ABK.


Hi there, wind surfin' the net and hit on your site ... great video / karumba - INSANE but FUN no doubt ... Thought the folks over at Stumbleupon.com might enjoy it too, so put you up as a 'discovered' page ... hope it helps. Cheers, C

Hi Ned...great to hear from you! Enjoy the snow but keep visualizing windsurfing. Remember...don't look at the sail!


Canadada (love the name) thanks for spreading the joy.

That's a lot of sufferin' for a shlog. :)

Now THAT is a tough guy.

Truly impressive level of lunacy.

Yep, you're right - one can (almost) always find someone else more insane than oneself (which is handy when having a conversation with one's spouse...)

There's a great many pieces of non-fiction written by Hemingway and Fitzgerald where each talks about the other and just how bad a drinker he is - something you could paraphrase along the lines of 'hey, I may drink a bit too much, but that guy...'

George: How do women know about shrinkage? (They see Elaine walking down

the hall) Elaine! Get! (She enters) Do women know about shrinkage?

Elaine: What do you mean, like laundry?

George: No.

Jerry: Like when a man goes swimming... afterwards...

Elaine: It shrinks?

Jerry: Like a frightened turtle!

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