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February 14, 2008


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Very funny post :D
Greetings from spain ;)

Excellent post, I nearly had water come out of my nose I laughed so hard.

haha, lol and o so true :D

Very nice! Luckily no wind in the forecast today on the OBX! Its often a tough sell when I get home late from the drive up from Hatteras. Last thing you want to do for a non-windsurfing sig-other on Valentines Day is be late due to "time on the water." Though perhaps the "commitment" rule plays in here?!

Statistics out here for men to women are more like 50 to 1!! As for rigging up for your other half in my experience it's ''get on with it yourself'' which ofcourse is the only way to be. But being a windsurfing mum means it is always ME that has had to teach the kids and rig up for thaem and put up with ''Ma get me this and ma get me that''! But it is very rewarding when you get to the stage of being a full family out on the water together. Expensive though!

Greetings to Spain! Hi Cristian, where do you sail?

So what does a girl who likes windsurf have to do to find a boy who'll rig for her?!


I'm moving to LI in the near future and need to know the basics> where should I go for all the info? where to get windsurf gear? best sites? what to avoid etc...

appreciate any information.

Welcome to Long Island! It's a great place to windsurf if you have the information, which fortunately is fairly easy to get. Your first three moves are to:

1. Join the yahoo long island windsurfing group. It's a friendly, fun and informative crowd.
2. Get familiar with Windsurfing Hamptons and its proprietor, Jonathan Ford. Jonathan is an outstanding resource for information on every aspect of Long Island windsurfing, and his shop will not only sell you what you need (and not what you don't need) but provide amazing service. We're fortunate to have such a great shop locally. Make Jon one of your new best friends...you won't regret it.
3. Bookmark The Peconic Puffin, where you will hopefully find bits of babble that increase your enthusiasm for Long Island windsurfing!

There's more to be found if you look under "Regional Windsurfing Resources" in the right hand column of this blog...weather links, bay cams etc. Also check out The Long Island Windsurfing Map to get a sense of all the locations you can sail.

Again...welcome to Long Island and Long Island windsurfing!

)))))) lol I'm dating a windsurfer)))

...I have to agree with Bunty it's every man(/woman in my case) for himself when it comes to rigging...so I second Maria : where do we find a guy that would do not only the rigging but also the carrying of stuff for us???...you said women who windsurf are precious so how about a little hand once in a while?(although it's also true you'd have to be pushy about helping us cause we'd never admit to needing your help ;)
btw love your posts!

Hmmm...unfortunately most of the men elegible are my clients..and I cannot date a client..damn..

Hey , I am a single woman windsurfing and passing most of her jibes !! Were are all those men seeking the rare price ??

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