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March 13, 2008


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Get well soon so you can join us in OBX in April!!

Most excellent bruising? Let's see the pics!

How big are your winter booties? I thought your straps on Sunday were much wider than normal...?

Bad luck! And I was feeling sorry for myself for breaking a mast last weekend. I think you win the sympathy prize- sprained ankle trumps snapped mast. Of course, that's the prize nobody wants.

I hope it turns out to be mild!

Jeff, I showed you my oversized setup for the front straps (which works...for those who haven't seen the board I run the outside screw all the way out to the "outside" set of holes...incredibly this works.)

But I didn't tweak the rear strap...the front had been giving me trouble in jibes so it seemed more pressing, but in truth I'd been semi-stuck in the back on a few falls. I didn't learn from those lessons.

Unfortunately this is the second time I've hurt this foot/ankle. See the very end of Low Riders when I got the same foot caught in the strap whilst throwing a jump jibe. My only positive thought is that the 2003 crash was ankle focused, whilst last Sunday's at the Pier is more arch-of-foot centric.

Damn. That is terrible. I am new to windsurfing and have read conflicting advice as to how deep the foot should be inside the strap. Some say, ‘just the toes’ and others seem to bury their foot in the strap. I’ve only been in the straps and planing in very consistent conditions. As I get better, I’m terrified I’m going to get my foot stuck in the strap and tweak a knee or as in Michael’s case – the ankle. Therefore, I’ve been going with the “just the toes” option. I figure I’ll open them up once I get better and start jibing and doing some bump and jumps. As far as booties go…I picked up some Xcel Infinity round toes boots. I am really hoping the 7mm thickness keep my feet warm in 34-40 degree waters! I almost don’t believe they are 7mm. They are incredibly comfortable and feel like a second piece of skin!

Any more strap tips? Anyone try the Xcel Infinity round toe booties?

Hope your recovery is speedy!

Mark, don't be fearful because I dinged myself...I did this while jumping, and in a footstrap that was too narrow (ie it wasn't simply about how far my foot could go in--usually determined by how the adjustable footstrap is tightened-- but by the selection of screw holes used that determine the basic width of the strap. Fanatic boards have very narrrow footstrap spacing, and I neglected to move the screw on the rear strap one "hole" wider to accomodate my winter booties. However far in you decide to have your feet in the footstraps, make sure they slide out easily.

Michael, Maybe this will help you heal faster... You were mentioned by name, in the March 2008 issue of the British Boards Mag. Jace P. wrote a 7 page spread about sailing in NY. If you don't have a copy... I'll see if I can scan it.

Frank...I'm feeling better already! Where do you buy Boards? I'll pick up a copy myself.

I used to buy it from the news stand at Penn Station. I actually subscribe.


It also looks like you can order the issue directly from their website.

Bummer about your foot, Michael! :( I hope it's better in time for windfest.

I can't believe that in 2008 nobody has come up yet with a footstrap that would give in case of severe torsion.
A safety release kind of system.

I got my foot stuck in a wipeout today. Those moments are terrifying. You're stuck in there and being tumbled by the wave and thinking:"oh no, oh no... ok, ok, I got to relax otherwise it's worse... oh no, oh no, it's still stuck..."

Thank god this one was no problem, but that's when I had the thought of the safety release.
Can you imagine how many knee and ankle injuries would have been avoided?
I'll publicly ask the industry on my blog...

Giampaolo: Absolutely. It's not like footstraps experience extreme forces while we're in them. Skiiers have had such technology for what...50 years?

Bunty: Walking is fine in the morning, tiresome in the afternoon, and not happening at night. When they said "2-6 weeks" I don't think I'll be back on a board in 2.



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