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March 31, 2008


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Hey, I'm going to school in Princeton, NJ. And I'd love to go sailing here on the East Coast. Are there any events like this in the spring? Who organizes the events; I'm interested in helping out as much as possible.
- Graham

Sounds Very Cool!! and Kudos to Mike B and company for taking the initiative to organize something that is way overdue! Even tho staging Freestyle and Race events seems out-of-the-box for the LI group, it sounds like it could be a helluva time with cheering from the beach. Count me in, and whoever else has the chutzpah to actually compete, count on me to be cheering you on.

Hi Graham...we don't have too many windsurfing events in the northeast...this is a casual one not officially organized by anybody. Stay tuned for information on how you can help!

Wow! A real rock star windsurfer is coming!

Graham from Princeton could only be the son of my favorite sail designer.

Perhaps we could also have a wave expression session at Gilgo?

Graham, I'd be happy to show you our Long Island Ocean spots anytime! It's usually on shore wind swell but we do have a great spot in Democrat Point.

Graham, you have get down here and do the freestyle event. It would not just be great for the event, but to show the crowd the potential of the sport. I'll be looking forward to competing with you.

Graham the man Ezzy! you're in our 'hood so you gotta show up Dude - it's like man-law!

I don't freestyle, but I hotdog, is it as good? ;-)

Seriously, health and work permit (8-hour drive), will try to make it.


"I don't freestyle, but I hotdog, is it as good?'
It's very good! Hope to see you there!

Sounds like a lot of fun!!! I hope to see other RI sailors that weekend... and who knows, may be I'll feel brave enough to race :)

I just received my Exocet Pacer board today, so am excited to enter the course racing event at the windsurf festival (45+ class).

The last time I raced a windsurf board (not a boat) was the event that Lee from Olympic windsurfing put on many years ago. I finished 2nd in the novice class, so am anxious to get out there and see how I do now.

Will be practicing every day during the upcoming 5 day weekend from school. woo-hoo!!

Thanks for putting on this event, I am sure it will be loads of fun.

The Northeast gets its own windsurfing festival. Awesome, I'm so there! And, if anyone has word on where to stay this weekend or wants to do a share, send them my way. :-)

There's information on where to stay in this post.

the event was great! i enjoyed watching from shore but I'll have to join in next time. Anyone have a beginner setup for sale??

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