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March 24, 2008


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Wow. That looks thoroughly atrocious. Have you ever seen "Windrider"? That's more my style as far as cheesy 80s movies with windsurfing go.

What are you doing showing this stuff?! I covered my eyes after the first few seconds, couldn't watch it.

Sorry to sound like a wimp, but I know some excellent sailors who won't sail at the cut because of the shark threat. Here's a news reel-Great Whites in Chatham.

It's a little creepy knowing that they may be in the water where I'm sailing.

Oh please!
I just saw the movie sharkwater (http://www.sharkwater.com/index.php) and I'm particularly sensitive to any of the usual bullshit regarding sharks.
Shark finning, one of the many reasons to be ashamed to be a human.

There is a tiny island (basically a big rock) abot 2 miles off shore on the west coast of Malta (all cliffs there so not a surfing area) - it was in the Nat. Geographical that it is one of the main Great White breeding areas in the Med. NEVER seen a shark of any sort around our coast, but I know that there must definitely be there somewhere. But it's amazing cos sometimes when we are away and people ask where we come from - we say Malta and their response is ''Oh how can you go in the sea there it is infested with Great White sharks''! Yeah right! If they are there they are wise enough to keep out of the way of the locals!! NOW, I hope I havent put the evil eye onto myself!!

James...yes I know Windrider...I linked to previous comments about it in the Peconic Puffin (it's terrible, though Nicole Kidman appears naked for. 5 seconds.)

Scooper...I worry about sharks too...they don't stop me from sailing in the ocean, but I waterstart FAST.

Giampaolo...I will check out Sharkwater. Hey are you going to do that post/letter about footstraps?

Bunty...no fish is going to bother you. They read blogs too!

Here in NorCal one of our favorite places to sail in the spring is Tomales Bay. Look it up. It's a breeding ground for Great Whites. Smack in the middle of the "Red Triangle". I figure that if they're breeding they probably aren't feeding.

Steve, I beg to differ. They may not be feeding, but it would be understandable that a great white might be perturbed by a fin in the back during a passionate moment. Might they not get testy and bite you in half? On the other hand, you're still alive to type, which weighs in your favor (though you don't need legs to type.)

These dangers are the main reason why they started making windsurfers with planing speed, imo.

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