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April 01, 2008


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Drysuit? What's a drysuit? Don't sharks like red? Solamente wetsuit para me.

Sharks like to eat seals. Seals come in classic wetsuit colors (black and grey). To the extent that any rumors exist about colors that sharks like, it's "yummy yellow".

You are a girlyman avoiding cool water. Such good wind where you live, but you say "solamente wetsuit". We have to pump you up.

Actually I always wonder why dry/wetsuits are made mostly in black. I know years ago we used to have pretty awful 'bright' wetsuits but there really should be at least a panel that is a bright colour for safety issues. OR why not put a small 'radar patch' on the suit like life jackets have. That way if one does really get lost at sea you can be spotted on radar by rescue forces.

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