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April 07, 2008


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So where do we sign up!!!!
Years back Lee from Olympic Windsurfing organized a race at Hecksher, fun fun fun.
If you need some help let me know.

A couple of us Boston boys have been talking about the big event. It would be fun to sail with you guys and see if the water is bluer down south in balmy L.I.! I'll bet it looks just like Bonaire. But I don't think the timing is going to work out for me. I have too many weekend trips planned for around then to squeeze one more in without my life falling apart. Maybe next year.

Scooper, you're going to let the biggest east coast windsurfing event north of Hatteras and south of Greenland go by without your participation? Are ye mad? Come!

Now that you've scheduled a race and got people committed to come- the wind will not blow for the entire month until the day after the event! Nice job!

Spoken like an experienced racer...thanks for the ray of sunshine Steve!


There will be stuff to do if the wind is light...freestyle, and maybe some nonplaning fun races. Stay tuned...

Count me in. Just don't tell the pro's they need a weed fin that time of year. Douh! I just did.

Actually early June is borderline for weeds. Sometimes they are there sometimes they aren't. But to be sure, bring a weed fin. If anyone needs a freestyle weedfin, get a weed wave from G-sport and cut it down. They seem to cut down the best due to the top section being forward and wide. I actually prefer using it to a straight freestyle fin.

Should have a race for kids. Something like who can sail the farthest for 10 and under. A lot of kids this age that I have seen can only sail a 100 ft or so. Make it family and get the young ones to bite on.

I raced in that event years ago that Lee from Olympic put on. I finished 2nd or 3rd in the novice class, can't quite remember which. I won a cooler that I still use.

As a former sailboat racer, I'd love to race in a long board event. Would a hybrid board like an Exocet Pacer qualify?

Can't wait for the event, where do I sign up?

Re signing up, the organizers are collecting names from the blog posts and will keep track of you.

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