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April 16, 2008


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I guess you didn't do a complete shop tour. The Avon Sail House has Simmer Sails down to 2.7m2. These are real adult sails that will allow you to enjoy the high winds. Welcome down to wind fest.

I have corrected the post, Olaf! I actually was in your shop yesterday when you returned from the lighthouse, but I wasn't in the market for a sail at that moment. Someone from "another shop" told me there was nothing smaller available. Now I know better!

I'll have to upload a before and after shot of the excellent repair that Olaf did this week on my 4.2 Maui Sails Global (busted the clew grommet) -- Avon Sail House is highly recommended!

Whitecaps in the hot tub?! I am surprised that you guys didn't rig & sail right then and there! J/K. beers, hot tub and "too much" wind -- nice!!

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