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May 07, 2008


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At least it is sand. Where we do most of our surfing its rocky coast! There have been quite a few breakages and bodily damage in the past. But this weekend we will have the luxury of a sandy beach.

Hollywood, I had a day like that a couple days ago, except the surf was much smaller and it was much more humiliating. Sweet that the ezzy sail didn't break in the shore pound.

This is what I always want to see in windsurfing videos, and is never there; real world sailors in real world conditions, and what happens in between the big moments. I like it better than seeing the pros do their perfect moves over and over again in perfect conditions.

Nice! My fav moment in that video is about 1:09 into the clip. That wave is coming, the sailor in the blue helmet sees it coming, freezes, and BAM! Great stuff!
Though, next time, in that situation, I recommend a quick dive to the bottom to avoid being hit.

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