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May 08, 2008


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In my opinion, you guys should never let me do serious windsurfing. How else are you going to keep such a fabulous groupie?

That looks like fun! Kind of looks like Hatteras Lighthouse conditions. You guys are ripping up there in the cold h2o! Nice job.

Andy, we describe the water now as cool, not cold. I wasn't even in my drysuit (though a 5/3 semidry is close.) We're out there in January if conditions are right.

Still, I'm hoping to get back down to Hatteras in the coming weeks.

Sick Vid guys! Whats the song thats played at 2.30 ish!

Cheers Boys!

Now that's what I'm talking about! Real world action. When can I buy the full length DVD?

Scooper, if you want to see it in fuller glory click on any of the links in the story to Jeff's site...you can download it in quicktime. It looks fantastic when downloaded.

Awesome!! Yea, I love the "real world" aspect of that video! True, I could totally see something like that run on shop TVs or part of a windsurfer's video collection. Perhaps something like "Wavesailing - The Real World," though could leave out all the beach house drama between the fighting girlfriends! Or perhaps include that too! : )

Great video....loved it. The world needs more real world east coast wave sailing video.

Outstanding. I can't wait to score those kind of conditions.

Thanks for the comments, I'm glad you guys enjoyed viewing the local action! I've got some more real world East Coast footage, including some Tampa slalom racing in March, and Hatteras soundside freestyle from a couple nuking-3.7 days in April, so stay tuned...

Steve, all the music is straight from the iMovie '08 sound effect/jingle library, mostly included I think for making radio show/podcast segues (they are in 15 and 30 second segments). The jingle at 2:30 is the long version of "Headspin", and the last three (starting at the Bowl footage at 4:05) have names like "Jazzy Downtempo", "Roadtrip" and "Curtain Call". iMovie is part of the iLife package for the mac - pretty simple and a lot of fun!

Fun! I love the waves. To be honest I am sicsk of looking at videos with guys doing stuff that I am NEVER going to do even in my next life! This is an example of the 'common windsurfer' type surfing. Might try and put a similar thing together for windsurfing in Malta.

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