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May 04, 2008


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Boy am I jealous! I am just LONGING LONGING LONGING for some wave conditions. Right now we have around 75F (which is nice) but need to get out the waKe board not the waVe board!

That's awesome my friend. What are your 3 boards? Does Chiaying have a link?

Joe, may you have some wave action soon! Re Chiaying, she is Peconic Jeff's girlfriend, so when the video is ready you can be sure he'll have it on his blog (I'll be linking to it too.)

Bunty, the three boards in question are:

Calamity Too (JP Freestyle 109)
an unnamed JP Freestyle Wave 93
Candy 77 (Fanatic Freestyle Wave 77)

also kicking around are the Millenium Puffin (a Bic Techno 153) a Mistral Superlight circa 1983, and Learning to Fly, (old Naish 8'11").

Actually it wasn't me that asked that question but interesting reading what stuff you guys are on. Here in Malta it seems we also have a vast range of antiquated stuff and the most modern hi-tec gear.

I forgot to mention Jimi Sobeck in the original post (he's added now...sorry Jimi!) Also, check out Peconic Jeff's video of the day!

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