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June 30, 2008


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Wow, what a story! I had to flag down a boat once in the Hudson River because the wind died and I was about half a mile from my launch site. I could have done a very long walk of shame, but instead I hailed the motorboat. That's nothing compared to getting caught in the surf like this, although I was busted by wife for being late for dinner.

The lesson is: Don't be proud. Play it safe. Get the ride.



Now that is a bloody scary story. You windsurfers are a crazy bunch of bad-asses. The closest thing I ever did was a late night swim in Anegada when I couldnt get the dinghy to start

Man that's scary. Now you've really got me worried. I mean, stuff breaks on a Laser too and sometimes I have no idea how I'd get back to shore if it did when I'm sailing on my own.

Still, I do know two words of Portuguese.

Mike,I am glad you made it, you have to promise your kids (and wife) that you will never sail alone again, too many are the times when someone was there to rescue a surfer,swimmer,and windsurfer because we use the buddy system, I have personally been involved in four rescues, we all want to live and ride another day! Keep ripping it up, we will be watching for you!!Shralp on...CD

I remember when Mike and I were first learning to windsurf together in Hempstead Harbor with our polythylene longboards. I told him about the group of w/s in the area, Drysuit2, Lenndasquid. THat same day I found out Mike worked shifts as a baker, so trying to remember his name to folk, I called him Mikedabaker, same way I loved to call Steve with the red Mustang, the obvious, MustangSteve.

Mikedabaker progressed so quickly, as a long time former surfer, it was amazing. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for turning me on to prone surfing.

These days, and after that story, and my own experiences of being trashed by outside sets and swimming in after a drifting wave-battered board, I try to be sure not to go out further than I'll have to paddle or swim in an emergency.

More vintage Mikedabaker stories here:


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