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June 09, 2008


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what a great event! i cant imagine how great next years will be when its officially official!!!

What a grrrrreat weekend. Never thought windsurfing could be fun in less than 15kts, but get 50+ windsurfing yahoos together, throw in a little competition on speed and style, and watch them go at it for the bragging rights.
BTW, what does starboard tack mean?
New respect for longboards, just ask the Terminator.
Anyone got a long skinny for sale, circa 1988?
Can't wait till next year, you guys done good!

Wwell done it looks like it was a great success and most of all alot of fine. Nothing more fun than a whole load surfers together out on the water just to enjoy themselves.

Looks like a truckload of fun.

Next year you'll have an Aussie at the event, I promise!

It was great fun (but we were Aussie-less...nobody from Malta either!)

Next year is going to happen...and it's going to be bigger and better. Stay tuned...

A really good time ,my congratulations to everyone who worked hard to put this event together. I was unfortunately only able to attend on saturday but it was great getting out and seeing everyone. I came in last place in freestyle and am tied for last in the race, is there an award for most windsurfingly challenged.(Am I being politicaly correct) The freestyle I can place the blame squarely on Andy Brandt. Having attended about a dozen ABK clinics obviously hasn't helped at all, and lets not forget the wind, it died just as I was about to go for my signature move. I don't even remember entering the races, must have someting to do with to much college in the seventies, but anyway, all you lower numbers resting on your laurels, I'll be back. Next year I have only one way to go and thats up. I'd love to continue this rant but I have to go practice. See you all next year

Mike Mike Mike you forgot to bring your Buddha!
Mad props for coming in last (I've done that myself, and remember how much effort it took.)
Re ABK though, we must point out that the top six slots are all held by ABK graduates. You may be listed in the races by accident (there was another non-racer listed in last...I'll correct that.)

Looking forward to seeing you on the water, and to next year!

check out this video guys...


Hey Michael, keep up posted on 2009 events. It requires planning here but would like to attend this time. (Early planning, you might call it.)


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